• Unlock the secret of starting a profitable call center business now

  • Create a strong project plan to make your business profitable

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Unlock the secret of starting a profitable call center business now Executive program


Create a strong project plan to make your business profitable Learn more


Learn the techniques of international client acquisition Client acquisition

Ameya Damle

Ameya is an offshoring consultant and expert in contact center business. He is a result-oriented professional offering a successful career with diverse roles. It is distinguished by commended performance in spearheading the entire functions of business operations & development with respect to establishing profit centers. It ranges across business excellence, process excellence & business development through effective performance management. Proven track record of improving the operational processes; managing right from initiation, planning, implementation, monitoring and closing thereby accomplishing organizational goals & objectives.

How to start a call center business

Project planning

Create a solid project report by studying the competition and market. Define your marketing and financial strategies to get investors. Start your business with minimum capital investment by projecting the expenses and revenue. Define your niche and get started with a step by step process.

Executive program

Client acquisition

Automate the entire sales process. Use a pull strategy to get inbound inquires from your potential prospects. Use the techniques of digital marketing and get your domestic and international high paying clients. Position your call center business in the international market.

Client acquisition

Business operations

Deliver the services as per clients' "Service level agreement" and start generating huge revenue for your contact center. Learn the dynamics of the business from process transitioning, talent acquisition to training and development.

Business Operations

Turn your dreams into the reality

Take actions to achieve measurable results in call center business

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How to get clients ? - 3 Steps

Step 1 Your corporate website is the face of your business

Your website is the face of the business in an international business environment. Website creation requires an understanding of the industry and market. It helps in designing and content creation as per the international market standards. Well designed website will help your business to convert potential prospects into high-paying clients and increase the revenue of your business. 

Corporate website

Step 2 Marketing and promotion gets you international clients

One of the most proven client acquisition strategies for call centers is the marketing and promotion of your business. If you are a startup business and looking for international clients, we recommend you invest in the marketing and promotion of your services. It helps in getting the direct clients' attention towards your brand. It helps in getting direct inquires from your potential clients.

Marketing and promotion

Step 3 Sales automation speeds up your sales to get more clients

Sales automation will help you to get international clients on autopilot. We help you to automate the sales CRM and upload the leads database to get your appointments of international prospects. Sales automation sends out three emails with 4 days intervals to your potential clients for the appointment request. It gives great results in getting the attention of your potential clients towards your services and set up appointments to know more. 

Sales automation

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Automate your sales

Get international clients by automating your sales now

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How to start a call center business?

You can start the call center business by implementing three important steps in the business. 1) Project planning 2) Client acquisition 3) Business operations

These steps will help you to define how much investment you need, which markets and industries to focus on and to get in touch with the direct clients instead of any mediators.

How to get international clients for call center?

Companies with large investment can implement direct marketing. It involves generating appointments and visiting the clients. It includes appointing business development team internationally.

Companies with small budgets needs to focus on sales automations and digital marketing.

How much investment will be required to consider?

Investment depends on various factors such as the type of process, location of the offshore development center, type of softwares used, number of seating capacity etc.

The exact projections are shared in the executive program for your reference.

How much profit can I expect in BPO or call center business?

Outsourcing business is profitable when your clients are situated in the developed countries and your offshore center is located in the developing country where the wages are low. You can expect upto 45% profits in this business depending on the type of process and various other factors. Exact details are shared in the executive program.