Zoho vs Salesforce CRM for call centers

 Zoho vs Salesforce CRM

Zoho and Salesforce are comprehensive CRM softwares that include lead and contact management, sales opportunities, reporting, and team management features. Zoho is best for small businesses that want a CRM that’s easy to use immediately, while Salesforce is a better fit for bigger businesses with a larger budget. This is a complex CRM which requires more training to your employees to use as per the needs.

Lets consider some parameters to compare Zoho vs Salesforce CRM for call centers.

1 Ease of Use:

Zoho - Zoho CRM with its clean layout, modular approach is easier to use and configure. The current Zoho CRM UI is easily navigable, and you can effortlessly filter your data based on Potential Amount, Potential Stage, Closing date, Country and number of other parameters. In short, it feels like Zoho has done their proper research on how Sales representatives need to view their data. The learning curve is much simpler, so it is easy to get a hang of this CRM quickly.

Salesforce - The UI of default Salesforce is comparatively not as user-friendly as Zoho. Salesforce has various features but its little complex to navigate in the beginning. You will need to ensure that your representatives get proper training on CRM usage by professionals.


2 Features:
Both Salesforce and Zoho CRM are robust systems and they have a variety of features for all size of businesses. While their basic CRM functionalities like Lead Management, Account Management are similar, I was more interested in seeing the additional features they bring to the table.

Now when it comes to small businesses or contact centres, consider these features on topmost priority.

a) Telephony / Call dialling

Zoho - Zoho Phone-bridge allows to make inbound, outbound calls from Zoho CRM, get reminders and add call details during call.

Salesforce - Salesforce helps you to manage inbound and outbound calls to prospects directly from Salesforce. It also helps to set reminders & automatically create phone logs.

b) Automation and Workflows -

Zoho - Zoho CRM helps you automate workflow procedures and set up automatic email replies to your leads. Workflows helps you to generate prospects appointments and maximize sales or get clients.

Salesforce- This CRM helps you to set workflows with workflow rules to perform various activities like sending email alerts and updating records. Process Builder feature helps you to create whole process in one place with point & click rather than using multiple workflow rules.

c) Social insights -

Zoho - Zoho Social helps to gauge customer engagement across your social media channels and helps you to schedule your posts. One brilliant use: Set your Facebook posts by location and schedule them to go live at the same time of the day in different time zones.

Salesforce- This CRM helps you to pull your customer’s social content to understand what they are saying about your products and give you more insights.


3 Pricing
Pricing is a major aspect why many organizations are opting for Zoho CRM instead of Salesforce. Let’s look at the reason’.

a. Zoho CRM has four Editions – Standard, Professional, Enterprise and Ultimate – starting from $12 to $100, which is monthly pricing for per user,. Their most popular plan is the Enterprise Plan, priced at $35 with monthly pricing for a single user.

b. Salesforce’s Sales Cloud also has four Editions – SalesforceIQ Starter, Lightning Professional, Lightning Enterprise and Lightning Unlimited – Their price starts from $25 to $300 for a single user when it comes to monthly pricing. Their Enterprise Edition priced at $150 is preferred by most of the businesses.


Conclusion -

When it comes down to choosing the right CRM solutions for your company, the first and foremost focus should be on the budget, workflow, and needs of your business. If you are new to CRM and want an easy to use cloud CRM solution, then, the best pick for you is Zoho. They offer attractive pricing and they are a lot cheaper than Salesforce.

In case if you have hefty usage and need advanced CRM software with lots of features, then Salesforce is the better option for you. But Zoho is not that far behind. It offers enough features to assist you with your CRM needs. Now you can make the decision based on your business needs.